Why are books so important in our life? 

Books are the best friend of humans. The book tells us about the good life. The book never gives wrong knowledge. We have heard all these things since childhood, and almost everyone understands the importance of books. Today’s children do not understand books, and because of this, today’s children spend more time on mobile than on books.

Today’s article has been written to read mobile books and to increase the trend of children and elders towards books. This article will tell you why books are important in life.

10 lines on Why books are so important in our life 

  1. The best source to increase the knowledge of the book.
  2. A book is the best and true friend of a human being.
  3. The development of personality and development of intelligence takes place through books.
  4. The meaning of books is not the book which is read in class and school but a book which gives us guidance in life.
  5. Many such books in the world are the basis of the creation of human life, like the Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Quran, Bible, etc.
  6. The best way to study any subject is through books.
  7. Through the medium of a book, a person’s personality is developed by writing, reading, thinking and understanding.
  8. Books are very useful in today’s time. The best way to acquire knowledge is by reading books.
  9. With time, the new generation of kids is becoming more curious about mobile phones than books.
  10. Nothing is done by reading books, but by applying the knowledge given in the books in our life, and it should be used for the people’s good.

Short essay on Why books are so important in our life. 

It is said that a person who has a friendship with books can achieve any position in his life. A friendship made with books only brings benefits. Books make our life successful and show the right direction for our life. Books are the single most successful way to acquire knowledge, and it helps develop a person’s all-around personality.

Lokmanya Gangadhar Tilak ji had said that he could live in hell with the help of books because, according to him, books make your life a heaven. It not only gives you knowledge but also gives you joy. Books play a very important role not only in the student’s life but also in every human being’s life.

Not only this, Mahatma Gandhi also said that wear old clothes and read new books. By reading books, a person can guide himself in difficult times and troubles and solve his problems with always and positive thoughts. Reading books is not a job but a hobby.

The most important and not to be trusted source of information about the history of any subject is the book itself. The political, social, economic and cultural conditions of different periods of history can be known through books. The contribution of literature in most of the world’s revolutions and renaissance has been remarkable.

Long essay on Why books are so important in our life. 

The book is given to the collection of information and the group of information. Books are the best friend of human life, and we can get information through books. Books are the best way to get knowledge because the knowledge gained from books is the most reliable.

Since it is equally beneficial for people of all ages, the book is a man’s true friend. With the help of books, you get information, and with this information, you can solve your problems, as well as positive thoughts are also found in books only.

Books are important in every way, even if you need documents for a job, how educated you are will be known only when you have put your school degrees in front. How much information you have, how knowledgeable you are or how eager you are to know things, all these things will be able to run in a proper way only when you have completed your education. The easiest way to complete the education is to complete the school education by becoming a student after that, reading all the books on the subject of your job and joining a good job.

We get the best historical information from the Vedas and Upanishads. If we talk about Rigveda now, it is the oldest distinction which proves everything related to human life accurately and correctly. Not only Rigveda but all other Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads lead a man towards positive energy and inspire him to achieve success in his life.

Not only this but many kings and rulers have also tried to convey their biography to the present-day people through a book, and their biography teaches us a lot about the past. According to historians, books are the best and most reliable source to believe anything.

In today’s modern era, the internet has progressed so much that you can get a collection of crores of books on your mobile phone, and the question goes that how can you know which books to choose and which book you want? Which is right and which is wrong?

First of all, the internet has taken everyone in its lap, and no one can imagine life without it. For this reason, now the role of books is decreasing, and in its place, the internet is spreading, but the internet is taking you equally towards the right as well as wrong but book gives us only benefits.

This way, on the one hand, the Internet has made it easy for all people to access books, and on the other hand, it is important to make books available in many languages. Because of the Internet, there has been a facility for disseminating and preserving knowledge.


Which book is important for children?

Biography and autobiographies are very important for children.

How to develop reading habits?

You can develop reading habits by reading different types of books regularly.

Which book should we read first?

To develop reading habits, you need to read books according to the category of your interest.


Today in this post, we provide complete information about why books are important. Books are very important in life, and in this post, we provide complete information on essays on why books are important. So if you read all the above information and understand the importance of the book in your life and your search of why books are important ends with this post, then share this article and, if possible, leave your point of view about books below.

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