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Essay on Why Plants are Important for us

Trees and plants are very necessary for living on earth. Trees and plants maintain the level of oxygen in nature for us. Apart from this, the tree plant is also responsible for the food of the animals and the rain on the earth. Life cannot exist on earth without plants. Today, under the guise of progress, we have caused much damage to trees and plants. Today every man should know why it is necessary to plant trees. For this reason, we are giving you an essay on why plants are important.   

Essay on Why Plants are Important for us

10 lines Essay on why plants are important for us

  1. Plants are essential for life on earth.
  2. Life is impossible without plants.
  3. Life on this earth first started with animals and plants.
  4. Plants are also necessary because we can breathe only through plants and trees.
  5. Plants are the only source of oxygen on this earth.
  6. Trees and plants are also alive on the earth.
  7. Trees are unable to express their feelings like humans.
  8. All those trees and plants whose leaves are green in colour make their food with the help of photosynthesis.
  9. Trees and plants only benefit all tribes by living on the earth.
  10. Trees and water are the most important source of life on earth.

Short essay on why plants are important to us

The main beauty of our nature depends on trees and plants only. Without trees and plants, the world would become barren and black. Trees and plants are the first living organisms on this earth that made life possible because trees have given oxygen to plants, most important for breathing. 

Since ancient times, man’s life has depended on trees and plants. If we talk about the stone age, it is remarkable that even at that time, people spent their lives eating the roots and leaves of trees only and to protect themselves from wild animals, they slept on the tree. This means that from the beginning, trees and plants have given only and only benefits to humans. 

In today’s time, for the sake of their health, humans are cutting forests and trees in countless quantities, and in the name of progress, they are harming nature. He is not aware of the great harm he is doing to himself and his nature. Since ancient times, trees have protected humans, whether from wild animals, sunlight, rain, or storms. 

Long essay on why plants are important to us

Life has become possible only because trees give us oxygen, and we can breathe only with oxygen. Any living being on this earth needs oxygen to live life. First of all, the life of trees started life on earth. Only after that did other animals and humans start living.

Imagining life on earth without trees is like imagining the life of fish without water. They are like priceless wealth on earth. It is because of trees that humans get the resources to meet their basic needs. Trees and plants are a boon given by nature, and due to continuously taking advantage of this boon, we are now taking our nature towards harm.

From the modern era till today, only trees are giving us benefits, and we get fruits and flowers from trees, clothes are made from trees, medicines are made from trees, fuel can be used only from trees, etc. Not only this, but we have many other benefits from trees. In today’s time, the desperation of forests has increased a lot in the name of progress, due to which the imbalance in nature is visible.

Whether we are talking about the easy times or we are talking about the modern era, the first thing that is necessary for all these places is that life is possible only through trees. The early humans did not know about cooking food and lived only by eating the fruits, flowers and roots of trees. Lived on trees to protect themselves from animals and even protected themselves from the harsh sun, rain, storm and storm. To save, they used to take support of trees only.

In this world, trees are not only used for food and human beings, but they also have many modern uses, such as paper being made from trees, trees and forests being destroyed for the construction of roads, and for running in factories. Many times a huge amount of wood is required for the machines. Not only this, but for the trade of medicines, trees are cut, and medicines are made from them.


Why are plants necessary?

Plants provide food and oxygen and maintain the consistency of life on planet Earth.

How do plants control pollution?

Plants absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen, and are responsible for rain, which is the process of controlling pollution.

How can we control pollution?

To control pollution, you should plant more and more trees.


Today in this post, I provide information related to plants. We also provide a complete essay on why plants are important. So if your search to gain proper Information about plants is complete with this post, share this article and leave your point of view on plants and their importance below in the comment section.



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