Essay on Why I Want To Become A Pilot (10 Lines, Short & Long Essay)

People have different dreams in life. Some people dream of becoming a pilot in life. If you want to become a pilot in your life and take up the responsibilities of a pilot, then you have to read the information given below carefully. It is not easy to become a pilot, and the pilot is such a post which has a lot of responsibility on its head.

If yes, you want to take up the responsibility of flying an airplane like a successful person in life, then read this article related to Why I want to become a pilot carefully.

If your dream is to become a pilot or you are looking for an article on how to become a pilot, then you have to stick with this article of ours till the end.

Essay on Why I Want To Become A Pilot

10 lines on Why I want to become a pilot (200 to 300 Words)

  1. I dream that I can become a pilot after studying further.
  2. The pilot is a good and honourable job in society.
  3. The pilot is responsible as he is in charge of the whole plane.
  4. Being a pilot is a different dream as it lets you fly in the air.
  5. Every person dreams of touching the sky’s heights sometimes in life.
  6. A pilot’s daily job is to play with the directions of the sky and wind.
  7. I also like this job because it allows me to travel to different places.
  8. Family and friends are also given some discounts on air travel.
  9. You can also earn good money in this business.
  10. In my opinion, this business is very interesting and fun.

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Short essay on Why I want to become a pilot (200 to 300 Words)

Every person in the world has had some or other dream since childhood. Similarly, my goal is to become a pilot. A pilot is a respectable profession, and there is good money in this profession. For some people, their dream of life becomes an attraction, but for some, it becomes their life.

The pilot is such a beautiful, interesting, and attractive arrangement that once any person becomes attractive, it becomes the purpose of his life and not just a center of attraction. I think the person who can feel in that place by seeing the plane flying in the sky can easily succeed in this field. 

I am also very fond of working in the aviation sector, so I decided to become a pilot. Apart from this, I have always dreamed of flying freely in the sky like a bird. This dream of mine will be fulfilled only when my dream of becoming a pilot comes true. I have always had a passion for doing something different and amazing, so I decided to become a pilot in the future. 

I think the best advantage of becoming a pilot is that you can travel in the sky as per your wish and also give your family and friends a discount on air travel. Also, it is a very responsible job, so it is only a responsible job. Only a person can do it. That’s why the pilot is seen with great respect in society. 

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Long essay on Why I want to become a pilot (500 To 600 Words)

Everyone has had some or the other dream since childhood. It is obvious that when you were a child, you too must have seen a dream. As my age increased, my passion for the dream increased. Gradually, the passion for fulfilling the dream goes away in the mind, no matter how the person wants to fulfill that dream.

Exactly like that, I also had a dream, and that is to become a pilot. Becoming a pilot was not only a dream but a new passion for living in front of me because, in my opinion, a pilot’s job is very beautiful and full of responsibility. Pilots are seen with great respect in society, and everyone has a lot of respect for them because it is a very risky and responsible job. 

There is a purpose in choosing any dream, and my dream of becoming a pilot is a very old dream, and there is a very interesting story behind it. Once my maternal uncle, a pilot, was narrating the stories of his plane, and the whole family were listening to him with a great heart.

From there, the journey of me and my becoming a pilot story started. To become a pilot, I started discovering all the information about what studies must be done, which exams have to be passed out and which books are important. And then prepared for those exams wholeheartedly and finally found myself perfect for the exam and urged my parents to fill out the form. 

Pilot’s job attracted me mainly because it is a respectable occupation in society. Also, on becoming a pilot, you and your family and friends are given some relaxation in air travel as well as being very responsible at first sight. This job is seen with a lot of respect in society as well. 

There are many situations in the pilot profession where the pilot must make many quick decisions. I feel that the ability to make such quick decisions is present in me, and this ambitious quality is a positive aspect. 

To fulfill any dream, it is very important to be ambitious in life, as if you too must have seen a dream and to fulfill it, hard work and dedication are required, just like that, being honey and ambitious is also very important for a person. It is necessary. 

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Q. Why do I want to become a pilot?

I want to become a pilot because I want to take responsibility for flying airplanes, and I love to fly high in the sky.

Q. What is the Avg. salary of a pilot?

The salary of a pilot is approx 50000 per month.

Q. What exam do you need to clear to get the pilot job?

You need to clear a CLAT examination to get a job as a pilot in the government sector.


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