Essay on Who Inspires You The Most (10 Lines, Short & Long Essay)


Who inspires you the most? This is a simple yet important question. This question is used for essay writing and letter writing in various competitions apart from school and college.

If you have any competition or, as per requirement, an Essay on who inspires you the most, then read the information in this article carefully, read the list of given essays carefully, and use it at your convenience.

Essay on Who Inspires You The Most

10 lines on who inspire you the most (200 To 250 Words)

  1. There is one or the other inspiration in everyone’s life.
  2. This inspiration can be anyone, even our parents.
  3. Sometimes our elder siblings can also be our inspiration.
  4. To achieve success in life, it is necessary to have a motivator who stimulates you to achieve your goal.
  5. Everybody has someone in their life that is the greatest inspiration for them.
  6. Inspiration is a positive energy that helps eliminate the hopelessness and depression in our life. 
  7. Inspiration for a child can be his mother or his father.
  8. Or the father can also be an inspiration for a child, how he walks with the family regarding external problems and difficulties of society.
  9. For a child, his mother can also be an inspiration as to how she keeps pace with all the internal difficulties of the family.
  10. If we talk about inspiration, we can move beyond the family, as friends, relatives, or teachers can also be an inspiration. 

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Short essay on who inspires you the most (200 To 300 Words)

Whenever it comes to inspiration in life, we can consider anyone as our inspiration, and it can be any person in our life, be it from family, friends, or anyone else. There is a person in everyone’s life who inspires them.

Proper guidance is essential to achieve your goal; for appropriate guidance, the company of a proper inspirational person is even more necessary. Usually, a person considers that person as his inspiration, whom he wants to be like, or who inspires him to live a successful and happy life.

In the life of a student or a child, the main inspiration is his parents. Just as a mother takes care of the whole family while handling all the house problems, she does it sitting in front of all the internal issues. In the same way, the father faces all the external difficulties, so for a child, his parents are his inspiration.

Many times the elders of the family, such as a great-grandfather or great-grandmother, can also be an inspiration because they have sacrificed their whole life for the people of the family and run that family with care. Not only this, but their teachers are also many for the students. Times become inspirational, which guides them.

Inspiration is the power of the soul by which a man feels excited to do any work to achieve his goal and work hard towards his goal. Motivation has also been expanded into two parts: intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Motivated by these results, a person feels forward toward his goal and works hard to achieve the goal.

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Long essay on who inspires you the most (500 To 700 Words)

Inspiration simply means feeling motivated or excited to achieve your goals. Goal setting is very important in life; working hard to reach that goal is even more difficult after setting a goal. Whenever a person feels motivated, he works towards his goal even more proactively and concentrates on his goal.

Any person who inspires us is called a motivator. The person shows us the right path and gives accurate guidance. From time to time, precise guidance is needed to achieve a goal that we can get only from a successful person. The person who guides us and is with us in times of trouble. We consider him our inspiration.

There must be an inspirational person in a person’s life, whether a relative, a parent, a friend, or a teacher. A person considers such a person an inspiration whom he feels happy to see or whom he wants to be like as his inspiration. Just like every child wants to be like their parents, how their mother carries the family through the difficulties related to internal problems, just like the father carries the family through the external difficulties and the troubles of society. 

We all are surrounded by different types of things and different types of people around us, be it nature, animals, or any other person or thing. All of us are affected by one or the other of these. Whatever object or human being we are influenced by, this is the source of inspiration for our coming life.

Sudha Chandran is the most famous Bharatanatyam dancer in Asia. If we talk about inspiration, we cannot find an example of inspiration more famous than him. Because he had lost his leg in an accident and due to gangrene, the doctors amputated his one leg, and only then was it said that now he would never be able to do Bharatnatyam dance again. He did not give up and, after setting foot in Jaipuria again, worked hard. And Ankita became a famous dancer back then, which is why she is also an inspirational person. 

In the same way, there is one or the other inspiration in every person’s life, and the same inspiration motivates us towards success and achieving our goals. We don’t need to consider any prosperous person in our life to get our results; rather, we can consider our parents, grandparents, elder brothers, and sisters as our inspiration. People who guide us in difficult times and show us the right path are our inspiration. 

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