Essay on What Makes Me Happy (10 Lines, Short & Long Essay)

We get pleasure from doing different types of work in our life. But it is important to know which work gives us happiness. The work which gives us happiness by doing that work can give us success in life. Because of this, it is important to know what makes us happy. Below are some guidelines on what you should do and how you will reach this conclusion.

Today in this article we are going to give detailed information about what makes you happy. After reading the information shared by us, now you will be able to understand what work you should do to be successful in life and how you can keep yourself happy.

Essay on What Makes Me Happy

10 lines on what makes me happy (200 To 250 Words)

  1. Anything which makes our mind relax and gives us peace makes us happy.
  2. According to the thinking capacity of a person, liking and dislikes matters.
  3. Every person has their own hobbies and interests which makes them happy.
  4. I mainly like painting and drawing and this hobby makes me happy.
  5. If you are searching for the answer to a question that makes you happy then read this article until the end.
  6. The unique thing which makes you feel free and relaxes your mind is the particular thing which makes you happy.
  7. Everyone’s thinking is differ so everybody’s happy moments also vary.
  8. The thing that gives people enjoyment and pleasure makes them happy. 
  9. Happiness is an important source of life because it makes a man relax.
  10. A happy mind is also known as a healthy mind. 

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Short essay on what makes me happy (200 To 400 Words)

A person can get happiness in many forms and at any time. Every such work which gives rest to the mind and gives peace, we get happiness only by that. A happy mind can solve problems comfortably and without irritation.।

Any work that makes our mind happy is very important in our life, such work can be anything like dancing, listening to music, petting, going for a walk, it depends on when we recognize this work and do it. How much interest are you taking in

When you are troubled or have just come out of any trouble, in such a situation whatever work you like, you can call that work as your interest. Like many people like to listen to songs, listening to songs also keeps the mind calm.

The whole bad mood of a person is also cured by listening to the song and also if you are associated with any of your tension then singing is also a good way to reduce this irritability because through singing you can always remain calm.

Not only listening to songs, but asking for some people, dancing for some people and cooking food for some people is also a work of their interest, in which they feel happy, and whenever they are upset, this kind of work makes you feel calm in your own mind.

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Long essay on what makes me happy (500 To 700 Words)

There are many things in our life that make us happy, so everything that calms our mind and makes us feel happy, we see those things as our hobby or we are happy with them.

You too must have many moments of happiness in your life which you always remember and there will be many such works which will make you happy. If you get peace and happiness after doing any work, then you can be interested in that.

I love listening to music and listening to music makes my mind very calm. According to doctors, listening to songs does not cause BP problems. Such people who get upset on small things and whose attention goes more towards negative things, they must listen to the song.

Whenever I am very angry and I cannot express my feelings to anyone, then listening to music proves to be the easiest solution for me. The easiest way to find peace in times of anger is by listening to music that’s why it is my most favorite thing to do which makes me happy.

Similarly, there are some or the other things in the life of every human being which they like very much or by which they get pleasure. It is not necessary that listening to music is one’s favorite work, but one can also like reading a book, dancing, playing a mobile game, going for a walk, anything.

These preferences keep changing according to the time and personality of the person, like a small child likes to play outside, apart from reading, but on the other hand, a working person likes to read books, in the same way, an elderly gentleman likes to read books. There is a lot of interest in meditating while worshiping.

There are many such main points which are very important in life, by remembering some things you feel pain, then by remembering some things you become happy. Every such work which makes us happy gives us happiness, that is why whenever we are sad or upset, we give more emphasis on doing all this work.

If you don’t even know what work you enjoy the most, then it is obvious that you must do almost every work that is in your heart at least once to see which one you have spent most of your time on. The work given to you will be of interest to you. 

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Which work makes me happy?

The work which helps you to grow and make your mood light, then that work is known as the work which makes you happy.

Which work is the best work?

The work through which society or group of people get inspired or get some kind of help then that work is known as best work.

Which work makes you rich?

The job or work which Makes you happy is known as the best work which has the potential to make you rich.

Conclusion:- In this post, I provide complete information about the work which makes you happy. We provide complete information about the essay on what makes you happy and if all this post inspires you and provides you in enough information then share this post and if possible leave your thought process below.

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