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Essay on The Life of a Soldier For Students and Children

Everyone should know what the life of a soldier is. A soldier puts his life at stake for our country. No person can make a greater contribution and sacrifice than a soldier. To understand the soldier’s life and thinking, we present an essay on the soldier that has been presented today.

You can use the information and Essay we shared in the essay competition of your school, college, and university. The Essay on the life of soldiers has been written, which will not only inspire you but will also encourage you to be successful in your life.

Essay on The Life of a Soldier For Students and Children

10 lines Essay on the life of soldiers (200 To 250 Words)

  1. A great soldier stands firm on the border day and night and considers the whole country his family.
  2. A soldier is standing on the border day and night; that’s why all of us countrymen can live our life easier.
  3. The Life of a soldier is very responsible and fortunate because he sacrifices his whole life for the country.
  4. The Life of a soldier is very difficult, and they protect us by living in such situations that we cannot even imagine.
  5. Being a soldier is a matter of pride, but a soldier always has to be responsible and disciplined.
  6. Because even a small mistake of a soldier can cause great damage to the country.
  7. One has to work very hard to become a soldier.
  8. A soldier has only one aim, always to be ready for the country’s benefit.
  9. Our soldiers do their duty all over the country in uniform throughout the year and protect us without worrying about their lives.
  10. A soldier has to do duty throughout the year; even during the festival, his duty is increased so we can celebrate the festival happily with our family.

Short Essay on the life of a soldier (200 To 250 Words)

A soldier is not only a word, but actually, it is a feeling of patriotism. Being a soldier is a matter of pride and a thought of serving your country with full respect.

A soldier is ready to serve the country with all his heart and dedication. He considers this entire country his home and all his fellow citizens his family.

So that the brightness of our festivals does not fade away, on most of the festivals, they are deployed in crowded areas. They always live for the country and often become martyrs while performing their duty.

The word soldier itself is the definition of a proud being. Also, the life of a soldier is very difficult. He stays on the border day and night and never cares for his life; he lives only for his country.

All of us should respect the soldiers, and the families of great people like them should also be seen with pride. Soldiers are the pillars of the country.

Not only a soldier but a soldier’s family is also a true patriot because the mother of that house has learned to live away from her son, the wife, her husband and the children from their father. And this is a great sacrifice for a family.

Long Essay on the life of a soldier (500 To 600 Words)

We can understand the soldiers as another name for sacrifice because they are deployed on the border to protect us regardless of their lives.

The soldiers themselves do not know when and where they will be posted, but with time, they have become so used to it that it becomes their habit to live in any trouble.

Soldiers are divided into different types according to their work system; in India, the Army is divided into three levels: Navy, Army and Air Force. The main responsibility of the Army is to protect the country, maintain its integrity, and help the people in any calamity like natural calamity, earthquake, fire, etc.

A soldier has to protect his country in the worst of circumstances and sacrifice everything for his country when the time comes. A soldier does not move from his place, whether strong sun, heavy rain, or snowfall. That is why the life of a soldier has been described as the most sacrificial.

India has 14,55,550 active soldiers in the Army and 11,55,000 reserve soldiers, one of the world’s highest numbers. There are currently 13 lakh 25 thousand active soldiers in the Indian Army.

At the same time, this number is 21 lakh 85 thousand in China. On the other hand, if we talk about the active soldiers of America, this number is 4 lakh 81 thousand 254, while in Russia, this number is 10 lakh.

The slogan of the great soldiers of our country is ‘Service before self. It means – “khud se pehle seva”. Our soldiers are so great that they never back down on the battlefield, even if they must sacrifice their lives.

The life of a soldier is very different from that of a common citizen as he gets more workload than holidays on festivals, and he does not get any special salary or honor for that. No one can be a bigger patriot than a soldier.


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