Essay on Supercomputer (10 Lines, Short & Long Essay)

Today’s world is completely dependent on computers. People are using computers in different ways; if you want to walk step by step with the coming times and understand computer technology better, you will have to read this article till the end today.

Because of the use of computers today, different schools and colleges are given to write essays on supercomputers. Let us tell you that the best structure of a computer is called a supercomputer. Today in this article, we will give you information about supercomputers; after reading, you will understand what a supercomputer is and how it works.

Essay on Super Computer

10 lines on a Supercomputer (200 To 250 Words)

  1. Seymour Cray invented a supercomputer.
  2. In 1943, the world’s first Supercomputer was ready to use.
  3. Colossus was the first Supercomputer made in England.
  4. In 1956, India made its first Supercomputer.
  5. The first Supercomputer in India was named HEC-2M.
  6. Supercomputers are specialized computers designed to perform high-level computations.
  7. In the 1960s, the first supercomputer Control Data Corporation (CDC) 6600 came into existence.
  8. They are huge systems with many processing units.
  9. Param Siddhi-AI, Pratyush, and Mihir are the fastest Indian supercomputers.
  10. Supercomputers are generally very costly and used for various purposes.

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Short essay on Supercomputers (200 to 300 Words)

The Supercomputer is a computer with a high level of performance compared to a general-purpose computer. The performance of a supercomputer is measured in floating-point operations per second (FLOPS) instead of million instructions per second (MIPS).

Seymour Cray first invented the Supercomputer in 1943 in England. Colossus was the first Supercomputer made by England. Colossus could understand 500 instructions at a time; in 1943, this was the best Supercomputer. In 1956 India bought its first Supercomputer and named it HEC-2M.

In the early 1960s, the term supercomputer came into existence. During this time, the first two supercomputers were designed. LARC (Livermore Atomic Research Computer) is considered to be the first Supercomputer built by UNIVAC for the US Navy Research Center.

Supercomputers are used to forecast weather and climate trends, simulate nuclear tests, perform pharmaceutical research and crack encryption keys. It is a very useful device for today’s era.

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Long essay on Supercomputers (500 To 600 Words)

The Supercomputer is not a computer but a boon to the modern world. A supercomputer is the best computer ever designed because it can perform multipurpose work in a short time.

Supercomputers are very useful because they can be used for various functions like weather forecasting, nuclear text and many more. Seymour Crey and Boris Banayan invented the Supercomputer.

Nowadays, supercomputers are mainly known for multipurpose work. It has 7,630,848 cores and scores an impressive 442 PFLOPS (or petaflops), meaning it can do 442 quadrillion calculations per second.

Various features of a Supercomputer are it is the fastest computer with beat accuracy, Weather Forecasting, Scientific Research, Genetic Engineering, Security, and Online Gaming.

Japan’s Fugaku, jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu, is now the world’s fastest Supercomputer. India is the country which comes under 4th place in inventing the best supercomputers in the world.

The first Supercomputer invented by India was Param. Param is a series of supercomputers designed and assembled by the Center for Development of Advanced Computing in Pune, India.

In June 2022, a survey was held, and in that survey, it was found that the USA invented the world’s fastest Supercomputer, Frontier. India has about 30 supercomputers, mainly in the Indian Institute of Science, IITs, and national laboratories.

A supercomputer is no less than magic in today’s modern society, but it is the biggest miracle of science. Such special computers have simplified many tasks and made life more beautiful.

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Q. When was the Supercomputer invented?

In 1943, the world’s first Supercomputer was ready to use, whose name was Colossus.

Q. Which is the world’s fastest Supercomputer?

The world’s fastest Supercomputer was invented by America, which was named Frontier.

Q. How many supercomputers are present in India?

Currently, India has a total of 30 supercomputers which are situated in different IIT colleges and national laboratories.


We all know the importance of computers and the advanced form of computers known as supercomputers. For the upcoming future, a supercomputer will be the best option for you. So in this post, we provide enough information about supercomputers and provide different essays on supercomputers. If you get beneficial information, then do not forget to share this article.

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