Essay on Rainy Season For Children and Students

Rain is a very important season. The rainy season in India lasts from July to September.

The rainy season comes when clouds are accompanied by winds. Rain makes the environment green, and greenery covers all around us, apart from that the tree gets a new life.

India is a monsoon country because the weather here is heavily dependent on rainfall conditions. 

This is the reason why it is asked to write an essay on rain in various schools and colleges in India.

If you are going to write an essay on rain in your school and college and are looking for information related to it on Google, then stay with our article till the end.

Essay on Rainy Season

10 Lines on Rainy Season

  1. It rains in the month of monsoon. Often it is called strong winds coming on the South Asian coast.
  2. Monsoon winds blow in India from June to September, which brings rain. 
  3. Rain is considered one of the best seasons.
  4. The month of June to August receives heavy rainfall in almost all the regions of India.
  5. Cherrapunji is the only place in India that has a rainy season throughout the year.
  6. Trees and plants turn green as soon as it rains and we see beautiful greenery all around.
  7. Children love the rainy season because they get a chance to play in the rain.
  8. Rain enhances the flavor of some delicious dishes like pakoras and chai.
  9. Along with this, rain brings with it a disease and the problem of water logging all around.
  10. The rainy season is colder than it is, due to which the cold remains in the weather for a few months.

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Short Essay on Rainy Season (200 To 250 Words)

Rain is the most awaited season of all seasons. Farmers wait for the rainy season for many months.

Some crops like Maize, Cabbage, Cucumber, and Onion are the main crops of the rainy season.

The rainy season comes because of monsoon winds. When the clouds gather at one place due to the monsoon winds and due to the collision of the clouds, it rains continuously from the sky, then it is called the rainy season.

The rainy season in India is mainly from the month of July to September. In some areas of India, it starts raining in June, and in some areas, it rains till October.

The water level of the river rises during the rainy season, due to which there is a possibility of flooding in various areas.

Mainly in the state of West Bengal and Bihar, floods are seen due to the Ganges and Son rivers.

If the rain continues then there is also a danger of a cyclone which is seen mainly in the state of Orissa.

But apart from natural calamities, rain is very useful for the crop. Due to the rain, there is greenery all around.

The rainy season comes in different months in different regions of the world.

Cherrapunji in India is a city in Meghalaya where it rains heavily in all months.

Animals also wait for the Rainy Season to get water. In the Rainy season, the farmers get a new life, that was broken by the drought.

Because of this, rain is the most awaited season. So, Rain is very necessary to make our environment beautiful.

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Long Essay on Rainy Season (500 To 600 Words)

Every year the rainy season comes when we get to see water and greenery all around us. Everyone eagerly waits for the rainy season.

Rain comes due to monsoon winds. Monsoon winds in India come from the Indian Ocean in the South Asian region and the effect of monsoon is seen from June to October.

Sometimes monsoon also brings with it various germs and natural calamities. 

There is a possibility of floods due to heavy rains in different states of India. Due to the lack of a good drainage system, some areas are prone to waterlogging and disease spread.

But the harvest is good because of the rain. Some crops like onion, cucumber, cabbage, and maize are seen in high quantities during the rainy season. 

The rainy season in India is mainly seen in the month of July to September. Rain makes our environment green.

In some areas of India, there is a high risk of cyclones and floods, due to heavy rainfall.

Apart from this, due to rain, the water level in the river rises and the surrounding area gets flooded.

In some areas, if the arrangement for the exit of water is not done properly, then during the rainy season the city gets filled with water, due to which there is a risk of various types of diseases.

Despite this, rain satisfies not only humans but also animals. Desperate animals get water because of the heat and the farmers who had been hit by drought in the summer get to see greenery in the rains.

Due to rain, the weather gets cold and damp. Due to rain, greenery is covered all around, and the beauty of the earth increases manifold.

In the rain, children go out to play, and in the rain, delicious dishes like pakoras and chai add to the beauty of the house.

Rain in India becomes the reason for the happiness of the house. If people have some problems due to rain, then life also has many benefits.

This is the reason why rain is awaited for many months and good rain means less inflation and prosperity all around in the times to come.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Why does it rain in India?

Rain in India is caused by monsoon winds, which come from the Indian Ocean in South Asia and cause rain to collide with clouds. 

Q. When does the rainy season come in India?

The rainy season in India is from July to September.

Q. What crops grow in the rain?

The rains have produced crops like onions, maize, and cabbage.


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