Essay on one Nation one Election (10 Lines, Short & Long Essay)

Having one election in one Nation is a good process. This election changed the whole election process and reduced cost and time. At present, the most critical election in India is the election of the Prime Minister. The method of one election of one Nation is spreading rapidly worldwide; every citizen should be aware of its history and current situation.

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Essay on one Nation one Election

10 lines on one election, one Nation (200 To 250 Words)

  1. One Nation election is introduced by our honourable prime minister Mr Narendra Modi on the 26th of November, which is constitution day.
  2. Due to one Nation, one election, the expenditure on elections can be reduced to a great extent.
  3. With its help, it becomes easy to keep track of the expenses incurred by the parties.
  4. The additional burden of administration and security forces can also be reduced.
  5. This will help in the timely implementation and implementation of government policies.
  6. There are limited resources due to excessive population.
  7. One Nation election will give a clear concept of expenditure of the political parties.
  8. The election process is the primary identity of any democratic country. It gives a live form to democracy and ensures its participation in the country’s progress.
  9. One Nation One Election is one such measure that India can save the country from being in election mode throughout the year.
  10. Because of election duty, there is a use of money, and that’s why the government cannot concentrate on any other progress themes.

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Short essay on one Nation one election (200 To 300 Words)

One Nation, one election is a campaign or a new way towards the development of our country, which is introduced and supported by our honourable prime minister Mr Narendra Modi. This idea was discussed so many years ago, but at that time, India was a newly independent country, so the rest of the party refused this idea; recently, our honourable prime minister accepted that it is the best way to reduce the expenditure made on elections every year.

We can observe many benefits of one Nation and one election process. Like when our government decides to support the idea of one Nation, one election will be beneficial mainly for business people who will lead to the development of the country and more, which will reduce taxes and so ordinary people will get relief.

The idea has been around since at least 1983 when the Election Commission first mooted it. However, until 1967, simultaneous elections were the norm in India. And whenever the election is held, all the government colleagues are very busy with their election duty, and the government’s main work is pending. And that’s why we can see that if one Nation one election is beneficial, it is also harmful to us.

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Long essay on one Nation one election (500 to 600 Words)

One Nation, one election means organizing one election for Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly. The election is one of the essential processes for forming a government in every democratic country. After having elections, people elect their representatives to run the country, and after that, the elected members help in the functioning of the government in the Nation.

One Nation One Election policy states about conducting the elections at the state and central levels together. The introduction of this policy will aid in reducing the money wasted on conducting several polls in the Nation. So many political parties support this process, but some are also against it.

We can observe the changes clearly that if we are going to make sure of conducting one Nation, one election, then it will be mandatory to keep track of all the expenses, and wasteful expenditures can be caught easily.

General elections to the Legislative Assemblies and Legislative Assemblies in India are fixed for five years. But apart from that, Elections are different for different state assemblies, which can burden government claims. The NDA government wants only one election in the entire country in 5 years.

To reduce this heavy burden of expenditures, the Government of India decided to conduct only one election in all five years. Yes, it will be beneficial mainly for industrialists. Still, it is also good that it will lead to significant development and progress in our country, which means dearness automatically will reduce and ordinary people will get relief.

It is an open secret that elections are fought with black money. A considerable amount of black turned into white money during elections in the country. So, if the elections are conducted simultaneously, it would attack the parallel economy.

Till now, we have discussed and let you know about the mean benefits of conducting one Nation, one election but now let us discuss the disadvantages of having this form of election. Some main disadvantages are delays in results, the majority of required supporters, the fear of being overpowered by one winning party, and the sufficient resources needed for EVMs and VVPATs.

Ideally, the ‘one nation, one election’ system should reduce the amount of time, energy, and resources invested in the conduct of polls. If simultaneous polls do lessen the duration of conducting polls, political parties will have ample time to address national issues and enhance governance.

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Q. What is one country’s election?

Elections are an expensive process, and to overcome this expense, one country has an election system established in which one election helps to give all types of results to run the election.

Q. Why is one Nation one election important?

One Nation, one election is important because this reduces the expense of elections and stops wasting time and money on election organizations.


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