Essay on Nuclear Family (10 Lines, Short & Long Essay)

A nuclear family is a form of family consisting of parents and children. A decade back, there used to be a joint family in which many people like grandparents, uncles, and aunts used to live together apart from parents and children.

Still, due to the change, gradually, the families kept getting smaller, and in the present times, the sum of the single-family has increased. Children are asked to write an essay on the nuclear family to understand this type of family.

If you are looking for an essay on the nuclear family, then in today’s article, we have shared detailed information about it.

Essay on Nuclear Family

10 lines on Nuclear family (200 To 250 Words)

  1. The nuclear family is a family in which the head of the family is the parents.
  2. It is a prosperous family.
  3. The nuclear family is also known as the Small family.
  4. These types of families are known to be the ideal family.
  5. In the family, every member gets more freedom.
  6. These families have a better bond with their parents and siblings.
  7. Interference with others is not tolerated in a nuclear family.
  8. In a nuclear family, both husband and wife earn.
  9. Kids are more independent in a nuclear family.
  10. The head of the nuclear family is a husband and wife.

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Short Essay on Nuclear family (200 To 300 Words)

A nuclear family is also known as a small family. A nuclear family means a family in which only husband and wife and their children are involved, and the head of the family is responsible only to these people; such a family is prevalent in the cities.

Sometimes it is good to be a member of a nuclear family because the members of a nuclear family get more freedom and get more chances to understand each other because of fewer family members they use to give time to each other perfectly.

But as we know, it is good to be a member of a nuclear family so that you can think about your career, but sometimes it happens that both father and mother used to earn and they are more concerned about their career than their children. And that’s why kids have to face the problem of loneliness, and they should feel a lack of love.

Whether the family is small or big, a person’s life is most important to any family. But a small family creates more comfort and a better environment for its children. A large family is good. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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Long Essay on Nuclear family (500 to 600 Words)

The joint family used to be the foundation of our social system, which is on the verge of being destroyed today. The trend of the nuclear family is proving fatal today. Earlier there used to be joint families in our society, which are becoming divided into single families.

The family classification would be like this in today’s society.

● Joint Family – Joint family consists of at least three generations of people. Like children, parents of children, and grandparents of children. Besides, uncle-aunt, Fua or other people are also included in the joint family.
● Nuclear Family – Nuclear family consists of parents and their children.
● Live in Relation Family – This family consists of parents and their children without marriage. This is generally an advanced form of today’s BF/GF relationship.

At present, there is a lack of values ​​among the children. A major reason for this is the existence of nuclear families. Nuclear family homes do not have good teaching elders, and working parents do not have free time.

In such a situation, children do not get the values ​​that children get to learn, especially in joint families. Due to single families, children have started disrespecting elders because they do not know the importance of elders.

The way education developed, the number of educated people increased. The result is that educated people weigh everything with profit, and this thing is breaking society and families. Therefore, it is very important to have values ​​along with studies.

Having a nuclear family has become very common these days. It is also spreading rapidly in the villages, which is having a very adverse effect on Indian society.

Nuclear family means nuclear family. The head of a nuclear family is the husband and wife because there is no other guardian in this family except them. The family flourishes only under his guidance.

Due to the small size of the family, there is very little unnecessary expenditure in this family. Due to unemployment, people have to migrate from one place to another. In such a situation, people take their families and live in the workplace with them.

Due to this, a single-family is being born, which is increasing daily. In this family, all the development needs are taken care of, such as special attention paid to children’s education, illness, and living conditions.

With time, there has also been a change in people’s thinking. As soon as today’s youth gets married, his wife starts having problems with other family members. He feels that living in a joint family (large family) cannot lead the life of his choice.

Suffering from such narrow views, they separate from their parents, which leads to the birth of a nuclear family.

In a joint family, there are fewer earners and more spenders, and there is an atmosphere of quarrel and trouble in the house, due to which some people separate from the family and form a single family.

While there are savings in expenditure in a nuclear family, there are also some disadvantages in a nuclear family. The number of members in a nuclear family is less, and there is a lack of elders, due to which the children do not get the respect and love of the elders.

The big disadvantage of a nuclear family is that no one is visible in times of trouble and the burden of the crisis has to be borne on its own. The association of children in this family is more likely to deteriorate as there is no one to take care of the children.

Today our government also believes in “small families, happy families”. But when there is no work in trouble, only one family stands with you in all your troubles.

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Q. What is a nuclear family?

A nuclear family is a family where the parents are the head, and other family members are their children.

Q. Why do families become small?

Everyone starts earning, and everyone starts thinking about themselves. That’s why the family broke and divided into small members.

Q. What is a joint family?

A joint family is an old form of family in which parents, their children, and their parents, and brothers and sisters with their children live under a single roof.


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