Essay on Life After School For Children and Students

Every child has a keen interest in Life after school. But Life after school is full of different kinds of troubles and responsibilities. We wait eagerly for this moment.

If you want to understand how Life is after school, then today’s date an essay on Life after total has been given, which is not only in your school college essay competition but also. By reading this, you will also be able to understand Life after school better.

Life after school makes us responsible and sensible in our Life. Life after school changes completely suddenly, every decision in school is taken by parents, but gradually the responsibility of taking all kinds of decisions is put on the children.

Today’s essay on Life after school has been given to understand Life after school better.

Essay on Life After School Children and Students

10 lines Essay on Life after school (200 To 250 Words)

  1. Time spent in school is precious and special for every student in their Life.
  2. But Life after school needs a more approach.
  3. We must be prepared beforehand so that Life after school will become full of comfort for us.
  4. Life after school becomes complex and full of career tension.
  5. Student life changes rapidly because it affects our mindset very much.
  6. Maintaining a balance between personal and professional Life can be another challenge after school.
  7. Hanging out and enjoying after-school days with friends is delightful.
  8. In this phase, a good company leads to success, and a bad company leads to failure.
  9. We must take care of our group because this group takes us forward in creating success.
  10. No one can guide us and point out our mistakes at every step, like school life.

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Short Essay on Life after school (200 To 250 Words)

Time spent in school is an important moment for all students. Life after school is filled with challenges, opportunities, choices, decisions and ambitions.

One should understand the value of this time because it is a main time a student steps ahead towards their career.

When children are in their school days, it is the happiest moment of their Life in which they live with complete freedom.

But after passing the tenth standard, the same children start worrying about their future Life, because now which subject to choose or what to study, in which field to move forward, all these things are in their mind and they start preparing for it.

As soon as the schooling is completed, there is a big problem for the children about choosing the next subject because of this their future depends.

All the students should decide what to study and where to study after class 10th. But they can take advice from their friends, parents and elder siblings.

Life after school and college is full of challenges. This is the time when you take responsibility. An event or action in your Life needs to be taken seriously.

If we do not succeed, you will have to take responsibility for it yourself. No one will guide you for any work.

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Long Essay on Life after school (500 To 600 Words)

Once any child comes out of the world of his school, he steps into a world where he has to take responsibility, and at the same time, he is held responsible for his crops. This time is challenging and full of opportunities and ambitions for a student.

All over the world for fifteen years, children are kept completely in a special environment where their parents have all the rights over their Life. But after the school day, everything suddenly changes.

that child has to face a new world where he is not considered a child. He is considered an independent person who can decide his right or wrong decisions for future Life.

School life is comparatively quite simple as compared to Life after school. We don’t need to make big decisions during our school life and should keep moving in any direction. However, Life after school can be quite difficult.

We have to face many challenges after the completion of our school. In a family, students are suddenly considered complete people who should take decisions and be more responsible.

Until a child is a student, he studies continuously, remains under pressure and discipline, and gets away from family activities. So at the end of school life, a child should also give some time to his friends, family, and relatives.

After completing Life in school, the biggest problem in front of a child is earning money and making a good living. As soon as we start earning money, we meet many types of people, and we need someone to tell us how to deal with them.

We must find the solution to all the problems that come on our own and prove our decisions right.

This can sometimes lead to stress. Keeping calm during stressful situations can be challenging. Maintaining a balance between personal and professional Life can be another challenge after school. After completing school days, Life suddenly changes.

A child has to go through almost all kinds of situations after school life is over. Every coin has two sides, just like the end of school days brings two kinds of changes in a person’s Life.

If we plan things properly, all these situations can be handled smartly; otherwise, this time can also be a struggling and painful time of one’s Life.

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In this article, we told you how a child’s Life changes after school and how he is responsible for making different decisions. If this essay on Life After School helps you understand the decision to be made after school, share it with your friends, and remember to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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