Essay on Joint family (10 Lines, Short & Long Essay)

A joint family is the biggest demand of any household in today’s time. A joint family is a family in which all the members of the household live together and cook together. When all the people live together in the house then it becomes a joint family which increases the happiness of the house manifold. That is why we should live in a joint family.

To increase the importance of family and explain the feeling of a joint family, various schools and colleges are asked to write essays on joint families. If you are looking for an essay on joint family then stay with this article till the end.

Essay on Joint family

10 lines on Joint family (200 To 250 Words)

  1. A joint family is a family where each and every member of the family lives together.
  2. In a joint family, there is only one kitchen in which food is cooked for the whole family.
  3. In a joint family, the eldest member of the household is considered the head of the family.
  4. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, parents, brothers, and sisters are all present in a joint family.
  5. Often the joint family has been found to be happier than the ordinary family.
  6. Due to having more people in a joint family, a person never has to face sadness.
  7. Everyone takes care of each other.
  8. Always keep talking with each other which does not lead to loneliness.
  9. The whole family stands shoulder to shoulder with each other and helps each other. 
  10. In a joint family due to the pleasant atmosphere in the family, everyone’s mind is also worry-free.

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Short essay on Joint family (200 To 300 Words)

Family means a group of people who belong to the same parents and live together. A normal family consists of family members like a husband and wife, parents, and kids. Family is divided into two parts, the nuclear family and the joint family.

A nuclear family means a family where husband and wife and kids live together but a joint family means parents, husband, wife, uncle and aunty, children of uncle aunty, and grandparents they all live together.

Whenever we discuss family we feel very proud to be a member of a joint family because in our society a joint family is a proudful thing. In a joint family, the eldest member of the family is considered the head of the family. 

There are so many advantages of being a member of a joint family because the economical condition is distributed among all the family members and then nobody feels very lonely because the joint family is a big family full of family members so they are always ready to entertain each other. 

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Long essay on Joint family system (500 To 600 Words)

In India, the joint family system is a very traditional form of system. Since ancient times it has been seen that the children of the family life with their parents and grandparents always under the same roof.

A joint family consists of grandparents, parents, uncle, aunty, father, mother, siblings, and many more. Whenever we are going to discuss family it’s confirmed that we will discuss our paternal side family.  

Being a member of a joint family is very beneficial for everyone because each member of the family shares the household chores, thus the work is divided and the burden of the work is lessened. 

In today’s world, people want to live life on their own terms. Women, especially, have realized that life is not all about keeping everyone happy. They have started caring about their own comfort too.

As much as we are getting close to the internet and technology we are getting far from our families. Our new upcoming generation is trusting more on strangers and friends rather than family members. And this all is happening only because of wrong mobile phone videos and TV channel programs. 

“In a time of test, family is the best”. 

It is an old proverb that clearly shows the power of unity in a joint family. The joint family system binds the members of the family in love and affection and teaches them to be tolerant towards other people’s mistakes, by developing the attitude of sharing with and caring for others. 

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Q. What is a joint family?

When different relatives and all types of family members live under a single roof then this family is known as a joint family.

Q. Why is a joint family the best?

Joint family is best because this is the strongest foundation of society where all relatives live in harmony with different disagreements, fights, joy and laughter.  

Q. Why is joint family the best?

Joint family is the best because according to some research spending time with family reduces stress and also opens lots of doors for happiness.


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