Essay on is Homework Necessary (10 Lines, Short & Long Essay)


Homework is very important. Homework teaches us discipline. Homework teaches us to sit in the discipline and make a habit of studying daily. Homework is very important for children.

But in today’s time, the practice of giving homework is slowly dying out. Homework is a way that makes children remember what they have read and increase their level of knowledge. If you are looking for information on Essays on homework is necessary, this article is for you.

Doing homework daily sharpens the child’s mind. It is very important to do homework to enhance the children’s personalities. If you want to know about homework, read the article carefully. 

Essay on is Homework Necessary

10 Lines on is Homework Necessary (200 To 250 Words)

  1. Homework is the work that is given to be done at home.
  2. Homework is given for revision after completing studies in school or tuition.
  3. Homework is very important for children because they will watch TV or use their mobile in their free time, so homework is always beneficial. 
  4. Continuous practice and hard work is very necessary to achieve success.
  5. In student life, continuous practice is even more necessary to make the mind more clever, so we should do homework.
  6. For a student, practice is the easiest way to success.
  7. Homework is not only to be given but also to be checked.
  8. Giving homework to the children and checking it is the work of the teachers and the parents at home.
  9. So that when and what they are studying, parents or family members should also be aware of it.
  10. It is also important to check homework on time and do homework correctly. 

Short Essay on Is Homework Necessary (200 To 300 Words)

Such work we get from the teacher to do at home, and it is very important to do such work, and they are also examined in schools or tuition only. The biggest advantage of doing homework is that we get to practice, and by continuously practicing the things lying in school tuition, this thing sits in our minds.

Whatever things I do not understand, by doing homework, we understand that thing, or if it comes to know that these things are not understood, then we can ask this question again to our teacher in the form of curiosity. Homework proves very beneficial for a student; homework must be done by oneself, due to which the mind also works well.

With constant practice, the mind works better, and memory becomes easier. As we know, remembering anything is very important in student life. Continuous practice and hard work is the key to success for any human being.। 

Education is most important in student life, and education, writing, home, and sports are all equal. Only a student who is always alert about his studies can succeed in life and find a bright future. 

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Long Essay on is Homework Necessary (500 to 600 Words)

Homework is such work given by the teachers to the children so they can rehearse their studies at home and remember them. Homework is very important for all children because, with constant practice, the speed of the mind becomes sharp, and the ability to remember also increases. 

Homework was started by the British in the 19th century. Earlier, there was a Gurukul system in India, and there was no homework practice at that time. There are many benefits of homework, such as children’s memory power is sharp, it reduces the use of mobile and TV in their free time, children pay attention to homework by making homework the things that have not been understood in the class can be asked again, etc.

At the time of Gurukul’s education, teachers used to pay more attention to thought and exchange rather than letter knowledge, due to which the thinking power of the mind was very good.

The British had first started homework because they had started the school system by removing the Gurukul system. Due to this, the problems of letter knowledge increased in the children, who have to pass the examination for a whole year, for which questions and answers are necessary to remember.

Still, there was no such problem in Gurukul, where Vedas Upanishads were taught, which would get the knowledge of the senses. That wasn’t there more emphasis on alphabet knowledge.

Due to the non-completion of homework, children are hit by education, due to which fear sets in their mind, and even if they do not understand anything, they do not speak in the class but leave that subject as it is and are slowly Weak in the subject. Children also lie in their school or tuition for fear of beating for not completing homework and learning to lie.

The most common purpose of homework is for students to practice material already introduced in class to reinforce learning and gain mastery of a specific skill. Assignments introduce the content that will be presented in future lessons. 

Young children do not like homework and do not want to do homework, but sometimes they do not want to go to school for not doing homework, nor do they want to go to tuition. Rather they start crying and make many excuses. By not going to school, they miss the next grade and thus lag behind the rest of their classmates.

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Q. Why is homework necessary?

Homework is very necessary because homework creates discipline and increases thinking ability in children.

Q. How to complete homework fast?

Keep attention in class and always remember what you study; this will help you complete your homework quickly.

Q. How to complete homework on time?

To complete homework on time, you must study regularly and keep all your thoughts in your mind. 


Today in this post, we provide complete information about Essay on Is homework necessary. We provide information about why homework is necessary and how you can complete your homework on time. Today homework is very important, and homework can create discipline for students.  If you read all the above information and understand the importance of homework, share this post and leave your feedback below about homework and the study process.

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