Essay on Indian Politics (10 Lines, Short & Long Essay)

Indian politics is known because of its history. In this article, we told you how Indian politics started and how the present form of Indian politics has become like this. Indian politics is running a diverse country like India very well, and the constitution of India is the largest in the world, with the help of which this politics is running.

So, today every citizen of India should know about Indian politics, because of which this article has been given to you. If you were looking for an Essay on Indian politics, then in this post, you get complete information.

Essay on Indian Politics

10 Lines on Indian politics (200 to 250 Words)

  1. A political party is a group of people who have a similar outlook on society and are helpful to the country’s interest.
  2. These people keep in mind the welfare of the society or the people who follow the rules and then start the new rules after the elections so that the country becomes good.
  3. Parties play a decisive role in the law-making of the country.
  4. Parties form and run the government.
  5. The parties that lose the elections play the role of the opposition to the ruling party.
  6. A political party is an intermediary between the government and the public.
  7. There are more than 2500 political parties in India.
  8. And the biggest party in the world is Bharatiya Janata Party.
  9. Generally, there are many types of parties, but the main parties among them are majority, all-party, and coalition.
  10. The oldest party in India is the Communist Party of India.

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Short essay on Indian politics (200 To 300 Words)

The word politics originated from the Greek word Polis. In ancient Greece, the work of governance was done by Polis. The study of the policies and activities of the state is called politics.

In other words, it is politics to improve the social and economic status of the people. Aristotle is considered the father of politics. A parliamentary system of government has been adopted in the constitution of India.

Parliament comprises the Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha and the President. India follows a bi-monarchy with the central government and the state governments.

Rajya Sabha, called the upper house, represents the states and union territories of the country. The Lok Sabha, called the lower house, is responsible to the public and represents the public.

There are three parts of the Government of India in Indian politics. Legislature / Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. The job of the legislature is to create new policies and laws. It is the executive’s job to implement the policies and laws properly, while the judiciary’s job is to do justice according to the law made and to protect the constitution.

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Long Essay on Indian politics (400 To 500 Words)

According to the constitution, India is a secular, socialist and democratic country. Where political parties hold the people’s elected power and the legislature.

A political party is a group of people who have a similar outlook on society and are helpful to the country’s interest.

Leftist politics rely on the values of secularism, liberalism, and rebelliousness. There are no definitions of left-right politics anywhere in the Indian constitution.

Furthermore, these terms were given by commentators, authors, and journalists.

Indian politics is a colorful drama and, according to some, it’s the great circus of the country. India is a country working under a parliament and constitution.

Democracy rules here. Democracy means a system where the people can form their government and topple it.

The meaning of politics is a group of people who work for the welfare of society, and they are mainly present for taking decisions for groups of people belonging from various places so that they can live peaceful lives together.

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Q. What is the meaning of Politics?

Politics studies government policies and the parties who run such policies.

Q. Which is the oldest part of India?

The oldest party in India is the Communist Party of India.


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