Essay on Growing Trends of Privatization (10 Lines, Short & Long Essay)


Today the growing trend of privatization has become one of the trendy search topics on Google. Privatization is the process where government institutes shift their function and services in the hands of private institutes.

It is true that government services and functions are cheap and helpful for poor peoples but private institutes are to earn profit. That’s why you have to pay more but you get high quality as compared to government institutes. 

To understand the process of privatization, different schools and colleges give an essay on the growing trend of privatization. If you were also searching for essay on private digestion then in this post you get complete information for which you have to stick with this post. 

Essay on Growing Trends of Privatization 
  1. Privatization means shifting all the governmental forms to private sectors.
  2. Privatization is a great step towards India’s development. 
  3. Recently the Indian government has decided to make almost all public sectors into private sectors. 
  4. It is fruitful for developed countries, not for all developing countries.
  5. It will prove beneficial mainly for rich people. 
  6. It will lead to a vast market competition. 
  7. In the 1930s, the term “privatization” was introduced by “The Economist”, an international weekly newspaper.
  8. Today, complete privatization has ruled in many countries.
  9. Privatized sectors have their own rules and regulations.
  10. After privatization, there are some relief in the responsibility of the government.

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Privatization completely means to transfer any public property to private property. Today in the world privatization is considered as the best form for development and that’s why our Indian government is concentrating very much on privatization day by day.

We can observe that private privatization is mostly best for the businessmen and to the rich persons but also privatization is good for the increasing competition which will increase the development in the country.

The main meaning of privatization is the government companies will get up to 49% shares of a company and a private group or an individual will get more than 51% shares in the same company. 

In this way the government gets rid of public sectors and can concentrate on rest of the works in the country. The concept of Privatization was most popular in the developed countries and at present the same concept is being utilized by the developing countries of the world.

The concept of privatization was also practiced in China and Europe and was prevalent till the industrial revolution. We can see that privatization was not so popular before the 20th century but after the 20th century it became a popular Trend. 

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Privatization refers to the transfer of government functions, including government functions such as revenue collection and law enforcement, to the private sector.

 When the country became independent in 1947, the new government was worried about how to make the princely states of the country a part of independent India. Because most of the wealth of the country was with these princely states.

Later on somehow the princely states were made a part of independent India and all the property of the princely states came to India. Today, after 70 years, times and thoughts have changed and the wealth of the country is on the verge of going back to the princely states. The only reason for this is privatization.  

Privatization refers to the transfer of ownership, management and control of government or public institutions to private hands. Under the guise of privatization, new royal houses and capitalist families will be born and will rule over the wealth of the country.

The country will be under the capitalists and then democracy will be in danger. The result will be that new provisions will be implemented to extort money from the public. 

The government is selling the property acquired by the blood and sweat of the people to the capitalists at throwaway prices. When any government institution is privatised, then the general public remaining mute spectators will one day cost the whole country.

Because when all the schools, banks, hospitals, electricity, water, airports, railway stations all go into private hands, then what happens to dictatorship will be seen.

If the privatization game continues like this, one-day history will be taught that India’s last government train, last government bus, last government airport, last government school/college or last public company was so-and-so.

Today in our society intellectuals are also taking privatization very lightly. Privatization is a screw of slavery which will slowly strangle the general public. 

While the aim of the government is to provide services to the maximum number of people at the minimum cost, the private companies aim to earn maximum profit at the minimum cost. Today unemployment is at its peak due to privatization.

For example, today’s private school, general public are being sold in the name of private hospitals. The difficult time of the public is overcome by the government department only whereas the private institutions have nothing to do with the problems of the public.

The aim of private institutions is to earn money only and only. Private companies first give allurements and then gradually work to suck the common citizen.

Privatization is also good in some sense, the best example of this is after taking BSNL’s SIM, one realizes how important privatization is. One advantage of privatization is that the institution which is in loss under the government, the same institution starts earning profit as soon as it goes into private hands.

There is better performance in privatization and there is competition in the market, due to which the money of the customers is spent but the services are of excellent quality. People do not want to work in government institutions, whereas in private sectors they have to work hard, that is, work for a price.

Today, almost all the countries of the world are walking on the path of privatization because it is not possible to survive in the challenging market competition without privatization. People are also saying that privatization is wrong because privatization will end the fun and there will be no option left except to work.

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Q. What is privatization?

Private to the transfer of government functions and services to private hands to enhance the quality and get more profit from that institution. 

Q. Is privatization good or bad?

The main aim of private institutes is to earn more profit and the main aim of government institutes is to provide more facilities to public but private institutions profile quality and the government fails to provide good quality. So in some sense privatization is good. 


Today in this post we provide information about the growing trend of privatization. In this post we try to provide information about pros and cons of privatization as well as hoping you get enough information and one of the best essay on privatization. So if this post provides complete information then do not forget to share this article and if possible leave your valuable comment below.

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