Artificial Intelligence Essay for Students and Children

Artificial intelligence is the biggest proof of human development. Artificial intelligence is such an artificial device, with the help of which a person can get almost every work done by his machine, for which he needs a human.

Artificial intelligence is said to be an important future for human civilisation. Just as people worked under King in the olden era, in the same way experts believe that in a few decades man will be subject to Artificial Intelligence.

 To understand artificial intelligence various schools, and colleges were asked to write an essay on artificial intelligence.

Essay on Artificial Intelligence

Essay on Artificial Intelligence Long, Short and 10 Lines

If you are looking for an essay on Artificial Intelligence, then today in this article we are going to give detailed information on this topic.

At present, Artificial Intelligence is being considered the future. History tells us that human beings are continuously progressing. In the last few decades, man has done such a feat in the field of science, which has made human life easier.

So, if you want to learn about Artificial Intelligence then stick with this article until the end.

10 Lines on Artificial Intelligence 

  1. For the first time, the technology of artificial intelligence was introduced among humans in 1950.
  2. Artificial intelligence was first used to play small games with humans.
  3. Gradually, Artificial Intelligence started being used in different types of work.
  4. At present, through artificial intelligence, such robots have been created that work exactly like humans.
  5. At present, it costs a lot to make artificial intelligence, due to which their number has been kept very less, but efforts are on to make artificial intelligence less money so that in the coming time, artificial intelligence can be the new future of the earth.
  6. Artificial intelligence is capable of doing all the tasks of a human being with the capability of a computer.
  7. Artificial intelligence is reducing the need for humans in different fields, which is increasing the risk of unemployment and poverty.
  8. People’s lives are becoming easier with the help of artificial intelligence.
  9. Due to technology like artificial intelligence and robots, competition is increasing continuously in every field.
  10. By 2050, the use of artificial intelligence will increase all over the world, and people will start using robots for all kinds of tasks.

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Short Essay on Artificial Intelligence (200 To 250 Words)

Artificial intelligence is another name for the coming future of humans. The history of human beings has explained how human beings have tried to make their lives easier by making steady progress.

In the last few decades, man has made such progress in the field of science that based on technology like artificial intelligence and robots, he has made his life very easy.

Artificial intelligence is a device that has the capability of computers and the intelligence of humans.

A few years ago, the lack of understanding of computers was the biggest drawback.

But in the present time, different artificial intelligence programs and robots have proved that if an attempt is made to give the understanding of humans to the computer, then computers can prove to be better than humans in every field.

Today our mobile is the biggest example of Artificial Intelligence. We can talk to our mobile, we can put our thoughts in front of him and the answer of our mobile proves that the machine also has intelligence.

In the present time, artificial intelligence is continuously increasing. This progress in Artificial Intelligence has scared the scientists of the world.

Various experts believe that if artificial intelligence continues to grow in this way, there will be a great danger to humans.

Many scientists consider artificial intelligence to be the reason for the end of the earth. However, how much truth is there in this matter, we will know about it in the coming time.

At present, Artificial Intelligence is being used in almost all fields and changes are being made in it continuously.

The increasing use of artificial intelligence ensures that we can use robots in almost every field.

Because of this, we will be able to use the power of computers everywhere, and because of this, you will also see the disadvantages of artificial intelligence in every field. 

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Artificial intelligence Long Essay (500 To 600 Words)

Artificial intelligence is the name of such a technology, with the help of which people will be able to get all their work done by machine.

A machine capable of doing all kinds of work in place of a human being is called Artificial Intelligence.

It is a device that has the power to work with the ability of a computer, but it also has the understanding of a human.

We can say that when a machine is given the understanding of a human, then it is called Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence was first introduced in 1950. Before that people used to think about making small machines to do their work, but after the World War and Industrial Revolution people started to understand the need for machines.

Some of the first machines were made by the famous scientists of that era, and were used to play with human intelligence.

Machines playing the game in place of humans proved that if they were given the understanding of humans, then they could do better work than any human.

This was the period when humans looked into the idea of ​​artificial intelligence i.e. working a machine in place of humans.

Gradually changes were made in the machines working in place of humans and today we have reached a stage where we have different types of artificial intelligence.

Our mobile is the best example of Artificial Intelligence. Today, different artificial bits of intelligence like Siri and Google have come to mobiles.

Such artificial intelligence can not only talk to humans but can also answer human questions in the best possible way.

Siri, made by the Apple company, is such an application that proves that a machine can have human intelligence.

Apart from this, Sophia has been prepared at a cost of crores of rupees, which is a robot that looks completely like a human.

At present, crores of rupees go to the house to make such robots and applications with artificial intelligence.

Scientists in different countries are constantly trying to reduce this expenditure.

In the coming times, people believe that we will fall from different types of robots. In this way, the life of a person will become easier.

However, due to the advent of artificial intelligence, humans will also have to face a lot of harm.

Artificial intelligence proves that human beings with low ability will be continuously removed, which will rapidly increase the level of unemployment and poverty in every region.

This is the reason why various scientists are afraid of artificial intelligence and imagine a terrible future with the help of such a device.

However, at present, we can only imagine and have our own opinion about the impact such technology will have on our society. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is such a machine made by humans, it has the capability of computers and the understanding of humans.

Q. Where do we use Artificial Intelligence?

At present, the biggest example of Artificial Intelligence is our mobile phone. But apart from this, artificial intelligence is being used in almost every field.

Q. What is the use of artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is used to make your life simpler and complete every task faster.

Q. When was artificial intelligence started?

The first artificial intelligence was introduced in 1950 to play the game of chess. 


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