Essay on Alcohol Ban For Students (Long and Short Essay)


Alcohol is a drug that destroys our life and personality. Due to alcohol, a person gets intoxicated, and in that state of intoxication, they cannot identify right and wrong decisions that destroy his life.

Alcohol is banned in different states of India. Today we are presenting an essay on the alcohol ban; you can use it at your convenience in your school, college, and university.

Alcohol Ban After reading an essay, you will not consume intoxicants and try to improve your life. No person should consume intoxicants and be aware of the harm caused by them.

Essay on Alcohol Ban

10 lines essay on Alcohol Ban (200 To 300 Words)

  1. Alcohol is a harmful substance for the body that can cause serious diseases like Cancer.
  2. Alcohol is just like addiction, and this addiction is very harmful to the person who consumes this as well as to his family.
  3. Alcohol ban is the main step to stop the circulation of alcohol in society.
  4. Full credit for breaking up and destroying families can be given to things like alcohol.
  5. It is a matter of special concern that in today’s time, the younger generation is taking this poison as a privilege and a fashion sense.
  6. Seeing the bad effects of alcohol, the government has imposed an alcohol ban in many states.
  7. Since the government banned alcohol, domestic violence cases have significantly reduced. Due to this, women have got a lot of relief.
  8. On the bottle of alcohol, it is written that it causes Cancer, but people also buy it and consume it, which affects their health.
  9. To stop the selling and consumption of alcohol, the Government of India has banned alcohol in many states.
  10. States like Bihar, Gujarat, and Nagaland have imposed an alcohol ban.

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Short Essay on Alcohol Ban (200 To 300 Words)

In today’s time, beverages like alcohol have increased their importance so much that many people cannot live without them. If the person is uneducated, we can understand that they can be in touch with this nonsense.

But suppose an educated person starts drinking alcohol. In that case, it’s complete stupidity, and to reduce it, the Government of India has taken a huge step, which is to ban alcohol.

Today we live in such an era where it is very important to walk with the era; otherwise, we are considered backward, and one of the features of our era is that fashion is given the most importance, no matter which class you belong to.

Be it common citizens or the government; everyone should think seriously in this direction and take a concrete step. When everyone knows that the consumption of alcohol is not fruitful and only creates crime, problems and harm, then why should it be given a place in society?

Certainly, concrete steps should be taken regarding the prohibition of alcohol at the national level.

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Long Essay on Alcohol Ban (500 To 600 Words)

It is a very thoughtful thing that even after knowing everything and despite it being written on the liquor bottles themselves that it is deadly, why do people still consume it? Not only this, but educated and intelligent people have even made it a major part of life.

There is nothing discussed in the Indian constitution about the consumption of alcohol, nor is there any custom or practice in any scripture.

Even our Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, had said in 1927 that he should like to see the poor in India and not the alcoholics.

By drinking alcohol, money, health, family, happiness, and peace are depressing to a great extent. And the person who is an alcoholic himself has to face all these difficulties later on. And then, he realizes that it is better to leave it.

To reduce the consumption and selling of alcohol, the Government of India started a campaign to ban alcohol in various states. It proved very successful in Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana and many more.

You may be very surprised to hear that according to a figure, the total consumption of the country and foreign liquor is increasing every year at 117 percent in villages and 234 percent in cities.

It is not only the government’s responsibility to put a stop to it, but as good citizens, we all should make understand to such a person who drinks alcohol that does not drink it because it only and only harms.

Consumption of alcohol is not beneficial from any point of view; its consumption only and only helps in ruining one’s own and others’ houses. Everyone should know and understand its side effects because one can only take steps toward prohibition.

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When was alcohol banned in Bihar?

The alcohol ban became a rule in April 2016 when Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar prohibited the sale of alcohol.

What is alcohol?

Alcohol is a drink in which beer and wine are considered.

How many types of alcohol?

There are four types of alcohol – ethyl, denatured, isopropyl and rubbing.


Today, we have given you detailed information about alcohol in this post. I hope after reading this; you must have understand alcohol and its use very well. If, after reading the information given in this article, you have been able to write an essay on the alcohol ban and benefited from it, then share it with your other friends.

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